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Photos by the legendary Dan Dry.

I’ve been negligent in noting the arrival of another quarterly issue of Food & Dining Magazine.

It appears I missed the previous tout as well, so let’s catch up.

Links lead to issuu. At some juncture when there’s time, I’ll publish my Summer 2018 articles here at the blog.

CURRENT: Fall 2018 September/October/November.
Observe the publishing notation (August is omitted), indicating a change in quarterly month groupings. My contribution this time is a profile of Fat Lamb, Chef Dallas McGarity’s first area restaurant (now he owns the Portage House in Jeffersonville, too).

At 40, McGarity’s career trajectory is gaining speed, but ask him to explain what got him here and the answer comes from a far slower time in a vastly different kitchen.

“I grew up in South Carolina and lived on a dirt road in the country, said McGarity. “My grandma would have corn every summer, and we’d shuck it on the back porch and shell beans. I saw her butcher chickens.”

“What kid nowadays has seen a chicken butchered? It’s nice to know that’s where your food comes from.”

PREVIOUS: Summer 2018 May/June/July — I profiled bar Vetti, the amazing Italian eatery conjured by Ryan Rogers and Andrew McCabe, and my beer column explained the rise of New England IPA, with a focus on Louisville’s Mile Wide Beer Company.