How the Williams Plumbing trucks block vision at 9th & Spring — a pictorial.


These three photos were taken sequentially at around 9:25 p.m. on Thursday, September 6. In the first photo, from a vantage point on the north side of Spring, a driver approaches the intersection of 9th and Spring, traveling eastbound.

But where’d he go?

There he is again, whizzing past at a speed I’d estimate as a minimum of 35 mph, maybe a bit more … in a 25 mph zone, coming off a hazardous curve at 10th.

Here’s the relevant speed table.

Here’s the ordinance which plainly forbids the Williams Plumbing truck (“any other commercial vehicle”) from being parked where it is.

And here is the memorial to Matt on the utility pole.

I’m not sure if I can illustrate these problems any more clearly than this, although as in the past, I honestly believe it would be helpful for those city officials in charge of such matters to come outside for once and view the scene from the ground, as so many of us do every day.

Perhaps only then will this combination of danger and neglect make the necessary impression.