Nick Vaughn announces the formation of an exploratory committee, but what office is he seeking?


Two weeks ago the Green Mouse’s nose began twitching.

GREEN MOUSE SAYS: What does it mean, this social media surge by Nick Vaughn?

Last night we received a press release.

REMINDER: Nick Vaughn to File Exploratory Committee

At approximately 11:30 AM at the Floyd County Clerk’s Office, Nick Vaughn will file an Exploratory Committee for an unannounced office in the upcoming New Albany city elections. Additionally, Nick will be available for approximately 15 minutes to answer brief questions from any media members or citizens. An additional press release will be sent out around noon on August 31st with more information regarding the exploratory committee.

Thank you and we hope to see you there!

What’s an exploratory committee? Here’s the official Indiana explanation, circa 2016.

A candidate’s committee is designated by a candidate to accept contributions and make expenditures for the purpose of promoting the candidate for election. A candidate who has not decided whether to become a candidate for a specific office may organize an “exploratory committee.” (IC 3-5-2-7) This candidate must file an amended statement of organization when the individual decides to become a candidate for a specific office, when the individual has filed a declaration of candidacy.

More to the point, exactly which office is Vaughn considering? In 2015, he contested the Republican nomination for 6th district city council, narrowly losing.

The Green Mouse says: Think bigger in 2019.