ASCE on kickbacks: “Spiro Agnew: Ethics Case Study No. 3,” or when is group-think not the right think?


This pleasant suited engineer explains Spiro Agnew’s insatiable taste for “5% Gravy,” a practice that persists in New Gahania.

Agnew’s speechwriters also coined the phrase “nattering nabob of negativism,” which the soon-to-be-disgraced VP used to insult ink-stained wretches who insisted on following his money.

It isn’t known if Agnew preferred anchor-shaped tie clips. Shane, is this something you’re familiar with?

Thanks for the link, N.

Terry Neimeyer, P.E., CEO and Chairman of the Board for KCI Technologies, describes the Spiro Agnew kickback scandal and the types of financial and environmental pressures that can drive engineers to skirt their ethical obligation in the drive to compete for work.