CoreLife, another unspeakably contrived chain “lifestyle” restaurant, is opening on Veterans Parkway. The marketing-speak is appalling. Anyone got a bucket?


It’s a restaurant “brand” with 300 locations, describes itself in Goebbelsian-level prose as a “lifestyle restaurant” and employs a “chief concept officer” to utter unalloyed piffle like this:

“Our food is top-quality fuel that complements the busy, active lifestyles of our clientele.”

Of course, the marketing drone did it in a news release, because can you even imagine a human slinging vapid dreck like this through his pie hole?

Food as “fuel”? Considering that atrocities like CoreLife routinely are situated in almost exclusively car-centric suburbs, we see the circle of futile American alchemy completed: One isn’t merely dependent on the car, but has become the car.

What’s next, an active lifestyle human detailing shop?

By the way, DEATH TO CHAINS.

New ‘active lifestyle’ restaurant opening next week, by Caitlin Bowling (Insider Louisville)

CoreLife Eatery, which describes itself as “an active lifestyle restaurant” chain, will open its first Louisville-area location Friday, Sept. 7.