Nice start, News and Tribune: C’mon, non-transparent Gahan, turn over the animal shelter fur-nances.


No sooner than I rake them over the coals for refusing to shine a beam on our-ever secretive ruling clique, than out comes a flashlight.

That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Shall we all file FOIA requests in tandem, and cause Jeffrey and Shane to sweat a bit as they plot delays, refusals and roadblocks?

OUR OPINION: Turn over shelter finances

NA-FC Shelter finances are needed to move forward in funding dispute.

At a $25 million company, it would be fairly simple for an executive to walk over to the chief financial officer’s office and get income and expenses for individual departments at the business.

That should be the case as well in New Albany — a city with an annual budget of about $25 million — but for some reason the city controller’s office is holding onto the financial documents for the local animal shelter like they were money.

As a result, the Floyd County Council and county Auditor Scott Clark are suing the city of New Albany for release of the financial records of the New Albany-Floyd County Animal Shelter.

The suit comes as the city and county continue to debate funding for the shelter, with the county claiming it does not know how much money it should be contributing via interlocal agreement because it can’t determine the amount being spent by the shelter …