CTA means two very different things to me, but for now, it’s a Certified Tourism Ambassador.


Actually the CTA test I took yesterday had only 28 questions — and anytime I hear the initials CTA, I always think of Chicago’s debut album.

But we need a clip with Terry Kath, in which we find the basic rock and roll combo functioning quite effectively without those defining horns. 

Yesterday I went to the Radisson, had a training and became a Certified Tourism Ambassador.

Investing In Your Destination’s People Infrastructure

The Certified Tourism AmbassadorTM (CTA) program is industry-recognized certification that aligns the destination’s people infrastructure ─ its stakeholder businesses and front-line ─ to increase tourism by Enhancing the Visitor ExperienceTM. With over 17,000 current CTAs, the program drives visitor spending through in-depth knowledge of the destination ‘product’; gives destinations a competitive advantage; and ensures consistent delivery of a positive destination brand experience. In today’s consumer-driven world, savvy destinations realize the importance of CTA

Cutting through the verbiage, I found it a very useful training, and it makes the sort of points everyone in the hospitality business should be practicing, anyway: know the area, be able to answer questions and direct folks to resources, think a bit about how one frames thoughts when speaking, and so on.

Weird New Albania pub crawls … coming soon.