Last night a driver killed a skateboarder at 9th & Spring. His name was Matt Brewer, and he was one helluva guy.


Social media can be confusing. Last night in response to reports of a pedestrian struck by a driver and being badly injured, just two blocks away from my house, someone sent me a photo of Matt Brewer. It wasn’t clear to me what this meant, and I actually thought Matt himself was telling me he was safe.

His wife wrote this. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

As many of you may have heard, my husband passed away last night. Matt was struck by a vehicle and suffered massive head trauma. He was rushed to U of L and they did absolutely everything they could. Thank you everyone who has reached out. I appreciate all your kind words.

The hardest thing in the world right now for me is to suppress my anger. I know there’ll be time to channel this anger into something useful; it’s just awfully difficult to avoid lashing out.

My friend Ryan Hammel wrote this at Facebook, and it is spot on. Matt was everyone’s friend, and a valued neighbor of ours on Spring Street.

In this life you meet very few people who have the gift of having zero enemies. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet someone of whom no one can can speak negatively.

Matt lived for other people. When we started River City Craft Wear, Matt bought every shirt (especially the tank top). When Be a Better Dude started, Matt was the first one to join. When I had a tasting at Keg or Bridge, Matt was ten minutes early just to hang out and talk beer before the crowd showed up.

Matt loved and believed in New Albany and the people here. When he was around you, you were in a good mood whether you wanted to be or not.

To know Matt was to know you had a true friend. We owe a favor to him today and every day to try and be the absolute best person we can be…because Matt was the absolute best of us. I consider myself lucky to be a part of Matt’s family, and he will be remembered for all of the good he did for other people.