“I’m electric,” says a kite-bearing Duggins to Riverview residents as Gahan disappears into yonder bunker.


If you’re not following Hon. Deaf Gahan on Twitter, you should be. It’s both hilarious and deadly accurate.

Meanwhile, Dugout’s making the rounds to “listen” to displaced residents of Riverview Towers.

Or, “we shall gather at the sycophants.” May of 2019 draws ever closer: #FireGahan2019

Temporary electric fix being tested at Riverview Towers, by Aprile Rickert (Where Tom May Stores His Stuff)

Some residents could move back home Sunday if successful

New Albany Housing Authority interim director David Duggins updated the NAHA board of commissioners on the situation at a special meeting Friday afternoon.

Duggins said a temporary fix was being tested Friday on the first floor and six residential floors. If it holds, some of those residents can begin moving back in by Sunday. Duggins said they will make certain the fix is secure before notifying individuals who may begin moving.

Once that is in place, engineers will begin performing the same fix on the remaining floors and work to move residents back in stages.

“What we will not do is rush our residents back there,” Duggins said.

Duggins said he and staff have been visiting the residents each day at hotels and said they are doing well; he thanked them for their patience.