Duggins, Gahan log into Priceline Dot Com as Riverview Towers residents are evacuated.


Not luxury hotels, though. That just wouldn’t be right, would it?

However, it’s nice to see City Hall’s efforts to address the ever-widening Compassion Gap by sending the Rev. Toran to deal with the media instead of Gauleiter Duggins, who has been too busy blaming Bob Lane for Duggins’ own multiplicity of shortcomings to notice that living, breathing humans are in need of attention.

It’s a kinder, gentler public housing putsch, wouldn’t you say?

UPDATE: Riverview Towers residents to be placed in hotels, by Aprile Rickert (Tom May ‘Bune Picayune)

NEW ALBANY — The more than 160 residents of New Albany Housing Authority’s Riverview Towers were evacuated Monday after the second small fire in a week cut power to the whole building.

The short happened around 10 a.m., when the fire damaged the wires that control the building’s electricity. The process to get residents relocated began around 3:15 p.m. when electrical engineers determined there would not be a way to fix the electricity Monday.

“We were hoping for a fix and at that time we just had to call it and make sure our residents were secure,” Tony Toran, deputy executive director of NAHA, said.