Duggins spreads blame, manure as the air conditioning at Riverview Towers fails on HIS watch.


Can anyone remember a single instance of a Team Gahan operative admitting to error? Cults of personality are like that, you know.

More than 150 NAHA residents without air conditioning, by Aprile Rickert (Tom May Almanac)

Fans issued, portable units coming, fix could take weeks

NEW ALBANY — More than 150 residents at Riverview Towers in New Albany have been without air conditioning in their apartments since Tuesday, and although temporary measures are in place, they may have to wait up to a month for permanent repairs.


Duggins said the issue that caused the short is due to the age of the facility, which has not had a major upgrade since the 1970s.

“Unfortunately because of the age of our system and the condition of all public housing in New Albany, we have issues of this nature,” the text message states.