The resistance is unwelcome on newspaperman Morris’ porch.

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Chris Morris has no idea why Rosa Parks refused to yield her seat on the bus to a white man, or why the Stonewall riot occurred, or why the Ludlow Massacre took place.

But wait — how can I know these things?

In fact, I’m unfairly judging the author from afar, characterizing his annoyance with “the resistance” as the typical response of an older white guy just like me, who woke up on third base and thought he hit a triple.

Fact is, I can’t really make these assumptions unless the two of us have a chat, or I send him an e-mail.

Which reminds me.

Maybe — just maybe — the professional journalist should ask someone who has a “resist” bumper sticker on his or her car, and who professes allegiance to the “resistance” as currently defined, exactly what the terms means to them before going off half-cocked about the damage to his sense of old white male propriety.

Then again, the vast majority of the newspaper’s columnists are old, straight, white males.

Diversity yet, Mr. Bill?


MORRIS: Swap resist with peace, by Chris Morris (Tom May Land)


I’ve heard that word used a lot in the past 16 months. But the other day, while in traffic, it took me back to another decade of unrest.