A sneak peak into the new Mathes Pharmacy building at the corner of Vincennes and Charlestown Road.


The final shift will happen any day now, but Mathes Pharmacy’s new building is finished, and moving has started. Prescriptions are still being filled at the current store a few yards away. The oldest of two buildings making up the Mathes campus already has been emptied.

It’s available, so if you know anyone interested in leasing this space, let Joe Dones know. There’s at least one apartment in back.

Meanwhile, the hub on the corner awaits official word from the regulatory authorities, then all operations will be under one brand new roof. Afterwards, the old building will be demolished, to be used for parking.

Inside the new:

Joe’s incorporated lots of history in the interior decor.

I’ll conclude with a zoom. Did you know that once upon a time, the Mathes building on the corner was a bar?

Best wishes to Joe and the crew at Mathes.