Stop the Reisz Elephant: There’ll be a public meeting on Wednesday, June 27, downstairs at the library, at 6:00 p.m.


Last Thursday evening, the city’s corporate attorney answered questions about the proposed move of city hall to the Reisz Furniture Store. His answers raised even more questions, and that’s why there’ll be a public meeting on Wednesday evening at the library (downstairs) at 6:00 p.m.

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I’m told the meeting’s host will be councilmen Dan Coffey (1st district), with 6th district councilman Scott Blair also in attendance. It’s unclear if other officials will be present. Put simply, this isn’t a meeting for regurgitating the city’s self-interested version of this process. Rather, it’s about exploring all sides of the story.

There’s also a petition going around. The text is below. I’l have more on this as time allows. I’m in possession of paper copies and will see if there’s a way to put this on-line. The final council vote is coming on Monday, July 2.

We can put the brakes to this $10,000,000 boondoggle, but to do so, YOU MUST STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. Thanks, and I’ll see you on Wednesday.

We, the undersigned concerned citizens, urge our City Council to act now to stop the process of entering into a 15-year contract to purchase the Reisz building to be converted to a new City Hall. We also feel that the process was flawed, and real information was not given to the public in such a way as to make a truly informed decision. We also feel that the $8.35 million dollars spent on this project would be better spent in out neighborhoods addressing the problems we have been facing for years: bad or no drainage, poor roads, sidewalks and other issues. We encourage the City Council to take another look, and realize that citizens’ needs should come before bigger offices. There is no doubt there are other options available to satisfy your wants and public needs. 

Thank you,

Your Concerned Public