It was my first Kentuckiana Pride Parade, but it won’t be my last.


I’ve never participated in a Kentuckiana Pride Parade, so today was a first for me, and awesome to boot. Thanks to Centerstone of Kentucky, Diana’s employer, for having me.

It was great fun to walk in a parade. I sought to walk in the Harvest Homecoming Parade in 2015 as a mayoral candidate, and was unable to do so because, well, hidebound rules are hidebound rules.

The Pride Parade was welcoming and inclusive. Then again, I’m not presently a candidate, although I saw several of them … walking.


They’re not the greatest photos, but hopefully some of the joy is conveyed.

Seriously, I’m not a pessimist. It’s just that optimism makes me break out. This said, the parade was tremendously uplifting, with a wonderful, positive spirit.

A motley collection of nutjob protesters advocating religious fruit loopery was present near the end of the parade route, and it was heartening that no one at all was yelling back at them, at least in anger. Laughter and mockery are other matters.

They promised a day of judgment quite soon, and surprisingly this prediction proved correct, as I immediately judged it fitting and proper that we pop in at Against the Grain for another beer on the way back to the car.

I’m sure some one has suggested it previously; if not, please allow me to be the first to propose Pride as a Harvest Homecoming Parade theme one of these years — and no, it’s not a political statement at all.

Just essential.