SHANE’S EXCELLENT NEW WORDS: Umbrageous boughs? Not on Market between Pearl and State.


Just our luck to live in a town where the mayor is allergic to shade.


Definition: (adjective) Affording or forming shade.
Synonyms: shadowed, shady
Usage: The chief beauty of trees consists in the deep shadow of their umbrageous boughs.

Chainsaws aren’t my idea of kink, but different strokes and all. I suppose they do vibrate.

Following are posts about the awesomesauce Market Street median beautification project, which will result in trees falling on the north side of Market between Pearl and State, and don’t forget: when your eyes bulge and your hair curls, and you think to yourself, “OMG this is tacky,” you’re actually insulting an engineer who knows quite a bit more than you (because money is to control what acorns are to oaks).

Peak inner city suburban Gahanism as HWC recommends buying IKEA when two local furniture dealers are yards away from the redesign atrocity.

Peak inner city suburban Gahanism via faux “input,” pre-determined outcomes, clear-cutting, IKEA chairs and raging HWC paranoia. Welcome to your “improved” Market Street.

Goodbye to the Fork in the Road, hello to “Mayor Jeff Gahan presents, “A Fork Amid the Sidewalk” — and fork YOU if you don’t obey.