Jeff “Look at Me” Gahan’s aquatic cult of personality: He brings us health, all by himself.


Taxpayers are footing the bill for full-page magazine ads like this one, and yet since the River Run Family Water Park’s inception, detailed financial records about its annual summertime operation have remained a complete mystery because Jeff Gahan, whose photo dominates the layout, refuses to release them.

Before the city spends at least $8.5 million on a new city hall, shouldn’t we know about the financial performance of Gahan’s numerous other big ticket, bright and shiny projects? After all, initial expenditures are the proverbial tip of the iceberg. What are the ancillary costs for things like maintenance?

Where are the artful subsidies coming from?

And: the biggest question of all: Why are we spending money for ads like this, which serve primarily to glorify a solitary, grubby mayor?