Newspaper’s Morris aims for Gahan’s political jugular: “We seem to have a power struggle going on here and the only way to solve it is to have a unified government.”

Unity, not uni-gov. Or maybe not unity, either.

Revolt of the stenographers?

If this city-versus-county is a reprise of North and South Korea without nukes, it’s hard to decide who is playing the role of Donald Trump, as opposed to Kim Jong-un.


Me thinks a journalist just isolated himself from the politicos, although in fairness, it isn’t like the city’s governing clique ever intended to confide useful information to him — or, that there ever was any intention on his part to ask deep and probing questions.

Why is an anchor the new city seal when circled wagons are so much more eloquent?

By the way, the councilman in question is my 3rd district’s Greg Phipps.

MORRIS: Stop the bickering and work together, by Chris Morris (Where Tom May Roams)

We have so much here in Floyd County of which to be proud. It’s such a beautiful area, and we are just 10 minutes from Louisville, which also has many offerings.

But the best entertainment may be the way New Albany and Floyd County governments go at each other. What was once a few jabs from time to time has turned into a regular free-for-all. It’s definitely an US versus THEM mentality.

If you attend city government meetings, or scroll through social media posts, you can tell immediately the perception some have about just how bad county government is and how it is not to be trusted. Recently, a New Albany city councilman even said he would never again agree to enter into an agreement with county government. EVER! It seems like county government is pure evil, only doing things like dumping hazardous materials in the city’s impound lot and elsewhere, and not paying its bills.


We seem to have a power struggle going on here and the only way to solve it is to have a unified government. This county is too small to have two governments not able to work together. We, the taxpayers, don’t need duplicated services like two parks departments, two planning and zoning departments and two communication centers. And there is a possibility we will have a city hall separate from the City-County Building.

Unified governments work, cut unnecessary expenses and provide better services for the residents. While there will always be disagreements, there will no longer be the US versus THEM mentality.

It may take a few years, but I think unified governments are the future. There is just not enough tax revenue to go around, and sooner or later the people, who are the voters, will get fed up with all the bickering and lack of cooperation.