Team Gahan’s condiments are aligned and measured, and these trees likely are doomed by yet another non-transparent “beautification” plan.


It’s another backroom design contract (HWC?), another campaign finance-loaded bid (Allterrain), and another non-transparent Team Gahan “fix.”

Summers announces plan to “Walk the Walk” by enhancing car-centrism via the Market Street medians. We advocate nuking them to outer space.

In an e-mail, I asked David Barksdale a few questions.

He’s one of three at-large city councilman who have the job of representing us all, even public housing residents, and he also is a member of the redevelopment commission as council appointee.

Lately he’s embraced the role of de facto project manager for Jeff Gahan’s sanitized suburban overlay for the historic downtown business district.

Which should remind us that there is a tendency among autocratic personality types to harness design and appearance toward the reinforcement of their personally pervasive patterns of grandiosity — like the time Frank Burns explained to Hawkeye Pierce why he was having the ketchup and condiments measured.

“Well, if you kneel at the end of the tent and get the tabletop at eye level, you will see that each bottle of ketchup lines up behind the other, unless there’s only one bottle of ketchup. Now the same is true of your condiments which, if you will note, are arranged according to height and popularity. There’s your ketchup, your mustard, your relish, your mayonnaise, your oil and vinegar, your salt and pepper, and your sweet and sour gherkins all in a row.”

In short, just like our anchor-laden crosswalks, beautifully doing absolutely nothing to protect walkers from drivers.

Where was I?

Oh yes, my futile e-mail to CM Barksdale.

It has been announced that there’ll be changes made to the block of Market Street between State and Pearl, these coming without any chance for the public to see what’s planned, or to provide input. Property owners and business people located on or near this stretch might like to be informed of these changes, don’t you think? Are there any plans to accept input, or is it another trademark top-down diktat?

He is to be credited for replying, which is more than his favored comrades at Develop New Albany are capable of doing.

Hello Roger,

This is a NARC project and was discussed at the May 9 & 15 meetings..

Larry Summers is the lead person on it.


Unfortunately it’s a lame, bureaucratically evasive reply, kicking the ball to the non-elected city engineer Summers, who I’d have asked in the first place had Summers not already blocked me on social media. What’s more, I can’t seem to find the city engineer’s e-mail address anywhere on the city’s web site, so in a return e-mail, I asked Barksdale if he had an e-mail address for Summers.

Pins drop, crickets chirp. To date, only silence. This closing comment recently was overheard during a curbside discussion of Gahanism in New Albany.

“Why do the folks on ‘Mansion Row’ get to keep their trees (which sport two lights each and underground watering as well) but the plebiscite have to endure Market Street trees cut down to ‘improve the appearance’”?

A damned fine question. Good luck convincing the self-appointed community pillars to answer it, as they’re busy confusing their own wants for the city’s needs.