Read the Tweetscript of yesterday’s city council committee meeting about Deaf’s luxury city hall project.


The Bookseller attended yesterday’s city council committee meeting.

GREEN MOUSE SAYS: The $8.5 million city hall fix is still in, unless David Barksdale is kidnapped by his own presumed political party.

Here’s the Tweetscript from Randy Smith @NewAlbanist, from beginning to end, with each sentence a separate tweet.

City Council thread for committee meeting re: new city hall

Timeline discussion. 25 questions submitted so far, but numerous testimonies lined up for 1 hour public comment

CM Blair speaks of financial responsibility, good value. Too big, too expensive for city hall. 23,000 s.f. and $8.35 million.

Blair says we can build new with twice space we have for $3 million

Using EDIT robs from necessities

Blair still: objects to no-bid lack of competition

Blair supports rehab of Reisz. Just not this way.

“Keep bldg on tax rolls.”

Now Steve Burks, GOP politician. Says prop is unwise, non-transparent, no-bid, uncertainty on costs, unaffordable strain on resources/taxes.

Laments lack of options

Salvage facade?

Now Mrs. Kraft, local business. Says city numbers are bogus. Fishy.” “Something stinks.” People deserve honesty.

CM Dan Coffey now. Why TIF to fund? This started as “rent won’t change.” But expenses destined to grow.

Cost overruns already. Property too valuable in private market. NAPD will have to remain in place.

EDIT too valuable to lock in for this use for 15 years. Coffey again, process has been flawed, local proven developers bypassed.

Coffey … Removing bldg from tax rolls bad.

Never seen a project proposed with so little information.

Now G Sekula, Landmarks. Endorses delay, praises Barksdale for holding up on 3rd reading. Supports rehab, unconditionally.

More … Other options have been considered for city hall over years.

More … Other cities have much more square footage than NA. MUCH MORE

Sekula endorses a stand-alone city edifice. For intangible city presence

Praises creativity of Gahan

Bldg is not being destroyed if not city hall, is it?

C Kubley, business next to Reisz. Objects to closed bid, but not surprised at lack of transparency. Wants CURRENT maintenance. Bldg falling down/unstable.

Andy Carter, developer. Love to see neighboring development. What is plan B?