BHL Properties: Another way for Jacobi, Toombs & Lanz to send Jeff Gahan even more money.


It kept nagging at me that I’d missed something while sorting through Mayor Jeff Gahan’s bountiful ledger of 2017 campaign donations.

In fact, I had.

Three guesses as to where Harris is employed — and the first two don’t count.

We know already that Jorge Lanz/Jacobi, Toombs & Lanz act as consistent and reliable funnels for Gahan campaign cash.

Buffalo Dis-Trace: White folks dress up like their bison-killing ancestors as we glance at Jacobi, Toombs & Lanz’s big role in Gahan campaign finance.

This one’s from 2017.

These are from 2015 and 2014.

BHL Properties kicked a whopping $7,500 into Gahan’s burgeoning re-election account last year.

Dude: $7,500 is enough money to buy exactly four of these advertisements (2015) in the News and Tribune.

I’m sure that’s a coincidence … right?