“Kevin Hammersmith loved the local community and Floyd County Parks system.”

At the amphitheater.

I’m a cynic by inclination and preference, but it doesn’t preclude me from being happy that there’s a park named for Kevin Hammersmith.

I’m also glad the county pushed and completed this project. If Gahan had gotten hold of it, the park probably would be called the Lanz Dome.

Give it up for Hammersmith … gone far too soon.

A COMMUNITY EFFORT: Duke Energy volunteers, Mount Tabor students beautify Hammersmith Park in New Albany, by Chris Morris (Tom May Prays, We Pay Gazette)

NEW ALBANY — Kevin Hammersmith loved the local community and Floyd County Parks system. He was offered promotions from his employer, Duke Energy that would have taken him away from the area, his sister said, but he turned them all down. The reason: He didn’t want to leave Floyd County.

That is why Hammersmith would have been thrilled with all the activity going on Monday morning at the Floyd County Parks newest property, which bears his name. Crews were busy putting the final touches on Kevin Hammersmith Memorial Park, including several volunteers with the Duke Energy Foundation teaming up with students from Mount Tabor Elementary School to construct rain and butterfly gardens. The volunteers also were planting trees along the park’s main road.

Besides supplying much of the manpower, the Duke Energy Foundation donated $15,000 to the cause.

“He would be overwhelmed,” said his sister, Tammy Persinger, who was among the many volunteers. “They [Duke] give back to the community is so many ways. We are fortunate to have a company like that in our area. Kevin loved working for Duke Energy. I don’t know of anyone who loved their job as much as he did.”