Newspaper columnist Terry Cummins and his thoughts about finality.


I’ve been remiss in failing to post this link to a recent column by longtime newspaper contributor Terry Cummins, who was an assistant principal at Floyd Central during my years there, and later became a frequent customer at the Public House.

Simply stated, he’s an amazing guy who keeps fighting through reversals that would have felled a lesser spirit. Terry just keeps on keeping on.

His ending here is a tad ambiguous, but he was back writing in today’s paper. All the best to him.

CUMMINS: Thoughts about finality, by Terry Cummins (Tom May Anthology)

There was no escape from the long weekend, filled with disturbing and agonizing thoughts. After a pet scan on a Friday, I would receive the report on Monday morning that would answer my question — will I continue living or not? If this won’t get your attention, nothing will …