The redevelopment of the Vincennes corridor might begin right here, at the former Ray’s Exhaust & Radiator.


I walked down Vincennes Street to Mathes Pharmacy last week and noticed that Ray’s Exhaust & Radiator looked deserted, because in spite of all the ups and downs in my employment history, it’s hard to stop looking at buildings like this without seeing future breweries — and yes, it’s far enough removed from the high school to be licensed.

If I’m not mistaken, the irony in this instance is that until recently, and maybe even now, descendants of the family that used to own the brewery (circa 1900) on 10th Street between Spring and Market also had the Ray’s property. 

On Monday, the “for sale” sign at Ray’s was up. Just remember, if you’re looking to make a million in the beer business, best start with five (million).

Two other vacant commercial properties are perched on Vincennes within a stone’s throw of Ray’s.

As you’ll note by the presence of sharrow paint (already fading after last year’s paving), Vincennes Street is “bicycle friendly.”

(insert guffaws here)

Add just one thing, and the mini-commercial district is ready for its naming rights to be vended by the DemoDisneyDixiecrats — after Redevelopment kicks in a few million from TIF.