Voter turnout yesterday in Floyd County was marginally better, but still pretty bad.


My primary interest is the one in 2019 (see what I did there), and maybe there’ll be something to talk about once my Canon hangover dissipates. Until then, these tweets …

 … and a reminder to aspiring local candidates in 2019.

Floyd County turnout higher than 2014, by Chris Morris (Tom May Digest)

NEW ALBANY — At first glance Floyd County’s voter turnout for Tuesday’s primary election was on the dismal side. Out of 57,260 registered voters, only 9,619 cast ballots — or 16.8 percent.

However, four years ago in the primary, only 7,897 voters turned out — 15.9 percent. And it looks like more Democrats voted in the 2018 Primary. According to the Floyd County Clerk’s office, 5,070 Democrats voted, while 4,549 Republicans went to the polls.