Caufield makes the case for Canon for Congress.


Kate Caufield’s name has appeared in the Tom May Compendium so often this year that she’s almost as ubiquitous as, well, Tom May himself.

I had a letter to the editor in support of Dan Canon and Canon For Indiana printed in the News and Tribune today. If you live in IN-9, please consider casting your vote (if you haven’t already) for Dan. He is as real as real gets.

As of 9:00 p.m. Friday night, the “letters to the editor” section of the on-line Tom May Anthology hadn’t been updated since April 24, so here’s the letter in its entirety, as copied from her post on Facebook.

I’ve lived in the 9th district of Indiana since we moved here in 1988- when I was 12.

I’ve experienced middle school, high school, college, and now my career and child raising years here in this incredibly dynamic district of this beautiful state. I’ve seen candidates and politicians come and go: Some were elected, some were not; some made changes for the better; some did not.

I’m not a believer in negative campaigns. However, I AM a believer in true representation by an elected official. To that end, I’d like to raise a concern about Canon’s opponent, Liz Watson. While Liz may truly believe in what she thinks is best for this district, she hasn’t been here to experience all of the changes that IN-9 has gone through in the past 10-15 years.

Instead, she’s spent the past decade plus working and living in Washington, DC- most recently with the House Democrats, and including doing work lobbying with the National Women’s Law Center. To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with her career choices or her decision to move away from the 9th district. In doing so, however, she made her preferred choice known: DC over Indiana. When she chose to move home, it came with an ask: Send me back to DC with your money and your votes. As a constituent of IN-09, that troubles me greatly. How can you represent me, when you haven’t the faintest idea how the past decade has shaped the district?

That said, never have I been more excited to vote for a candidate than I am in this primary election. Dan Canon has chosen to live in IN-9 for most of his life, and knows the struggles of these past 30 years as the district has endured as our country has changed. He’s fought for the values that I believe wholeheartedly in: Equality for all, and human dignity. He didn’t just start fighting for them, though- he’s been doing it long before the thought of running for a political office crossed his mind.

Because of his passion and his commitment for living here, and knowing all of the unique things that make this district what it is, Dan Canon is who will have my vote ‪on May 8.‬