Election Day draws near. Find out which candidates have issued public statements about Deaf Gahan’s public housing acreage takeover.


Quite early in the “Election 2018” season, NA Confidential took the stance that any primary election contestant who’ll actually make a public statement addressing Democratic mayor Jeff Gahan’s hostile takeover of public housing, and Gahan’s ongoing assaults on our city’s most vulnerable populations, at least merits consideration for voting — as opposed to the ones who have refused to comment at all.

The word “public” cannot be emphasized strongly enough. This is about openness and transparency, which were utterly lacking in the run-up to Gahan’s putsch. 

We’ve passed along many candidate statements harvested by Aaron Fairbanks of We Are New Albany, and some may have been inadvertently omitted. If so, Aaron, please send updates and this post will be revised.

As to the quality and content of these statements … well, that’s something for you, the voter, to judge.

Did the candidate seem honest?

Did he or she really address the issue?

Here’s a list of candidates, organized by the office being sought, who have made statements. There have been no statements from candidates running for Floyd County Council, Prosecuting Attorney, Auditor, Sheriff, Assessor or the various township boards.

US Representative 9th Congressional District
Democrats Dan Canon, Rob Chatlos and Liz Watson have made public statements. Republicans Trey Hollingsworth and James Dean Alspach have not.

State Senator District 46
Both incumbent Ron Grooms (R) and Democratic candidate Anna Murray have made statements. 

State Representative District 72
Incumbent Ed Clere has responded with a statement. Chris FitzGerald (D) also has contributed a statement. Sam Charbonneau (D) has not.

County Commissioner District 1
District 1 comprises all of New Albany, city and township. LaMicra Martin (D) replied with a statement. Jason Applegate (D) and Shawn Carruthers (R) have not.

New Albany Township Trustee
Republican Steve Burks (the incumbent) offered a statement, as did Christina Estill (D). David Brewer (D) did not.

Below are links to their statements. Pending further updates, this is where we stand with early voting well underway.


Read township trustee candidate Steve Burks’ statement about affordable housing in New Albany.

Fairbanks: “It is crucial that candidates use their platforms and their voices to shine a light on this issue, because the people most impacted by this issue are often left invisible in the political decision-making process.”

Liz Watson’s statement about public housing concerns in New Albany focuses on the federal.

Kudos to congressional candidate Rob Chatlos for his direct and honest support of public housing residents threatened by Jeff Gahan’s putsch.

Read Dan Canon’s statement about the issue of public housing in New Albany.

Three more candidates (Martin, Estill, FitzGerald) have provided statements to We Are New Albany about their positions on Jeff Gahan’s public housing demolition fetish.

Grooms, Murray join Clere in addressing public housing concerns during NAHA candidate forum.

We Are New Albany press release, Part Two: “We Are New Albany endorses Republican candidate Ed Clere of Indiana State House of Representatives, District 72.”

Democratic State Senate candidate Anna Murray replies to our question about the New Albany Housing Authority.