SweetFrog: “Please help save your only frozen treat option in New Albany.”


SweetFrog is a frozen yogurt shop located at 302 Pearl St Suite B, New Albany, Indiana 47150. That’s the northeast corner of Market and Pearl, adjacent to the forthcoming Longboard’s.

Dear family, friends and loyal customers,

As most of you are aware, my husband and I opened sweetFrog Downtown New Albany in little over a year ago. While we were excited to endeavor on this new adventure, opening a new locally owned small business is hard.

We are sure most of you have seen the slew of restaurants and stores that have closed just in this year alone. We had a very hard winter as well and are feeling the effects of being painfully slow during those months. Unfortunately we are still trying to catch up on bills from the winter months. Additionally due to our frozen yogurt machines being cooled on City Water, we have quite a large water and sewer bill that has become impossible to pay. We are trying to raise funds to made good on our outstanding bills and furthermore install a glycol coolant system that will eliminate the need to cool on city run water.

➡Here’s what you can do to help!

We are asking that you invite everyone that you know to the store this weekend to help us raise some additional funds. While we are in the process of attaining some financial aid loans, unfortunately it’s come to a head and we either have to decide to leave on May 1st or pay our landlord a certain amount on May 1st in order to avoid being forced to close.

We love downtown New Albany and everything it’s about. I mentioned opening a small business is hard-not only is it financially hard, but emotionally as well when you put your heart and soul into something that you truly believe can bring happiness to a community in the form of a healthier sweet treat and then have it potentially taken away. We truly hope that we are able to continue to stay open give you the best Froyo experience you’ve ever had.

Again please share with your family friends, colleagues–anybody that you know would love to support us and see us stay open. Please help save your only frozen treat option in New Albany.

Donations are always welcome as well and can be sent through the GoFundMe link below.

Thank you to all our loyal customers and blessings to each and every one of you!

Leah and Justin Alexander