LIVE TO EAT: The News and Tribune really likes A.S.S.

Now THAT’s a great multinational beer list.

Allow me to make an observation, but before I do, kindly note that my point is not directed at the establishment known as A.S.S. — or, American Smokehouse Stadium, which is located somewhere in Jeffersonville, slightly removed from my usual migratory route.

Mundane beer list aside, I have nothing whatever against the establishment, and what’s more, I don’t know anyone involved with it — and by the way, A.S.S. is not a dig; it’s purely intentional on the part of ownership (see logo above).

May they live long and prosper.

Rather, I find it fascinating that today’s News and Tribune article about A.S.S. is the third one since September last year, and the second to be tagged as a “feature.”

The first article previewed the restaurant, the second surveyed its progress, and the third (today’s) offered insights into a recent ownership shuffle and menu reboot by a new chef.

In short, the sort of routine things that occur fairly regularly in the restaurant business.


Am I missing something?

Is it normal for one restaurant of many to be given this much attention?

How many local restaurants have had three separate News and Tribune stories in a seven-month period?

Does Bill Hanson’s nephew work at A.S.S.?

Is the restaurant paying to play, given all this coverage?

Or, is A.S.S. the one cowering in terror behind the cabinetry — “please, no, not another article; coverage from the Tom May Gazette is the kiss of death.”

With the newspaper two reporters down (Morris on leave and nary a replacement for the departed Beilman), New Albanians already know which areas of coverage will be cut first.

Perhaps there are two asses, not just one.