The CJ’s remarkably consistent terminal decline: No news in the Indiana Newsletter, and plenty of blue-bagged litter to clog the city’s storm drains.


Friday was the 4th straight day of a Romeo Langford college choice story with top billing in the CJ’s “Indiana Newsletter,” finally supplanted today by the opioid crisis, another recurring chestnut that at least constitutes genuine news.

This vacuous irrelevance was accompanied by a fresh spate of unwanted blue-wrapped street spam.

Ah, but we have all been here before.

The Courier-Journal’s “Indiana Newsletter”: More Indiana coverage, perhaps, but is any of it really news?

When I think of all the possible news of the world, and all the conceivable news in Southern Indiana, and then this being a fairly typical “Indiana Newsletter” via e-mail … the CJ’s terminal decline gets even sadder.

It the best they can do: Sports, entertainment and celebrity hokum.

It’s profoundly depressing.

And here:

Down with the Courier-Journal’s blue-bag-recycling-hypocrisy. Fact is, it’s litter.

Free speech my ass: The Courier-Journal can spin this any way it likes, but it’s litter, plain and simple. Why do we allow representatives of the newspaper to trash the city? I’m not sure, but perhaps the city council’s forthcoming litter ordinance will take this into consideration.