Apologies for this rock-pop digression into my British musical tastes.


Of course, these lists are contrived click bait, but Mojo does them better than most. The first brief video snippet includes a fleeting glimpse of the Kaiser Chiefs, a band I greatly enjoy. There are so many more: Suede and Waterboys receive honorable mention, and what about Travis and the Charlatans? Simple Minds? I remember reading somewhere that Squeeze wasn’t huge in America, either, apart from the hit song “Tempted” and the early 1990s greatest hits CD.

I’m delighted to report that my CD collection includes discs from 7 of the 10 bands mentioned in the Mojo video. The * means I have all the group’s albums.

10 Supergrass*
7 Kasabian*
5 Stereophonics
4 Manic Street Preachers*
3 Pulp
2 The Jam (and Paul Weller)
1 Stone Roses

Here’s the sequel, with a twist.

Some of these are big favorites, too, with Blur and The xx meriting honorable mention.

9 The 1975
8 Florence + the Machine
6 Muse
4 Oasis
3 Arctic Monkeys
2 Coldplay
1 Radiohead

For me, I’ve always liked rock and pop music from the UK and Ireland. I’ve liked it more than American music of the same genres. It’s okay if you disagree — just be musical about it.