Did you miss the headline? The crux of it – DemoDisneyDixiecratic chairman Dickey is up to his eyeballs in fake facts, not to mention male moo cow feces.


Here’s the post in question.

From the first moment the recent discussion of a unified 9-1-1 call center commenced, the city’s intellectually vacant and yet still theoretically “ruling” Democrats have been lashing back, first against Knable in city council (where the politically emasculated “democratic” rump enjoys an entirely new fixation with rules of order), then via Chief Bailey’s whistle stop tour to express theatrical rage at slights against the police department’s integrity (which has not been questioned, not even once).

Now comes Adam the DNC Bot’s social media charade.

It’s a genuine Alamo scenario on the horizon for the local elites in 2019. Adam and crew have bet the entire stack on personal loyalty to El Jeffie, as opposed to a coherent platform (witness the NAHA putsch against the poor), and they’re facing the end of the generational gravy train.

Bereft of consistency, principles or any semblance of shame, all that our local DemoDisneyDixiecrats have left is an unctuous array of robotic templates in which to insert fake facts and fabrications. I can hear them now: “Hey, it’s okay as long as it’s OUR side doing it.”

That’s an excellent reason to avoid taking THEIR side. Bluegill is awarded the coda.

Whether they’re running for local, national, or intergalactic office, local candidates who don’t make a concerted, public effort to disassociate themselves from the Floyd County Democratic Party will not be receiving a vote from me.

Nothing fake about THESE sentiments. IN fact, they’re just about the only hope.