Charbonneau vs. FitzGerald, House 72, Democratic primary. What do you know, and who do you have?


In their spare time between spiffy ritual brushings of the mayor’s venerable Hush Puppies, AdamBot’s muzzle-happy DemoDisneyDixiecrats have disgorged a mildly interesting contested primary race for the Indiana House, District 72, a seat currently held by Republican Ed Clere.

In terms of platforms, there is almost nothing of substance at the web sites of the two candidates. 

Chris FitzGerald’s web site
Sam Charbonneau’s web site 

Social media is more interesting, especially for Fitzgerald. While obviously scripted with the usual DNC-crafted templates, there is less cheerleading, more content and some spicy Clere-bashing. 

FitzGerald at Facebook
Charbonneau at Facebook

Partisan readers, here’s your chance to tout your candidate. As an aside, the incumbent Clere recently was endorsed by the We Are New Albany organization, which is significant.

What do you think about the challengers? We know very little about either of them, so please — fill us in.