The haymaker: “Woman shares graphic account of alleged rape by Haymarket bar owner.”


The plot twists are coming fast and furious.

‘Now is the time’: Woman shares graphic account of alleged rape by Haymarket bar owner, by Bailey Loosemore and Darcy Costello (Courier Journal)

Editor’s note: This report contains graphic descriptions of an alleged sexual assault.

The sex started consensually.

It was the couple’s third date. They’d connected on a fetish website and met at the man’s Cherokee Triangle apartment. He began to play music, they discussed a safe word, then they started to kiss.

In details published Wednesday in a court document, the woman describes how the man did not stop when she used the safe word, how he raped her at his Louisville home and how for years she felt too ashamed to share what had happened.

Now, as the defendant in a lawsuit filed by the man she says sexually assaulted her, the woman is for the first time telling her whole story publicly. Courier Journal spoke multiple times to two of the woman’s four attorneys about the potential impact to her of reporting about the case, and they said she was ready for the details to be reported.

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