Indianapolis strip club owner attacks councilman for being “pompous.” Heck, he could have TASED him — right, Dugout?

For video, follow the Indy Star link.

In New Albany, it would have been the Common Council, not an Alcoholic Beverage Board snoozer, and here the councilman would be attacking the strip club owner, as Dan Coffey once vowed to do to a private citizen while disguised as a copperhead snake.

It’s Halloween every day in the city’s 1st council district, but I digress.

Coincidentally, this helps to explain why there has been so little support through the years for filming our city’s city council meetings. True, it’s gotten less fractious recently, but let the constituents see what really goes on, and strip club attendance might go down.

Or up.

Man accused of attacking Indy Councilman Jeff Miller shares his side of story, by Ryan Martin (Indy Star)

The owner of a south-side strip club is accused of attacking Indianapolis councilman Jeff Miller during a public meeting Monday in an act of retaliation over Miller’s yearslong opposition to the bar’s liquor license.

Police say Jeffery Moe, 51, grabbed Miller by the throat with both hands, picked him up and slammed his head against a wall. Moe later told police he “cleaned (Miller’s) clock and I’ll do it again,” according to court documents filed Tuesday.

But Moe, who faces two felony and two misdemeanor charges, disputes how the attack was characterized by police. Moe told IndyStar he grabbed Miller’s collar and shook him.

“I did not grab his neck. I shook him,” Moe, who owns Lenny’s Gentlemen’s Club, told IndyStar. “I was not intending to injure Mr. Miller. I was meaning to tell him to stop being a pompous politician.”