GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Jeff Gahan launches his 2019 campaign with more of the same threats, intimidation and mobster tactics. Is this what city employees deserve from a mayor?


New Albany is 14 months away from the primary election in 2019, and yet Team Gahan already is brandishing the well-worn brass knuckles.

Seeing as intimidation is Gahan for Life’s single strongest suit, this comes as little surprise, although it’s a pleasant twist that no one (apart from public housing residents) has been threatened with TASERing — at least yet.

The Green Mouse says that Sunday’s riverfront clean-up quickly became a showcase for Jeff Gahan to campaign against probable primary opponent David White.

In particular, it seems that some rank-and-file city workers were reminded again that visible public support for any opponent of Gahan’s might lead to reprisals or termination.

I suppose the whip is one way of inspiring devotion.

It’s a timely reminder that genuine progressives cannot trust the local Democratic Party structure to share their values when the party is invested in the continued power of a mayor who pays little heed to them. If a Democrat will not disavow Gahan’s persistently non-democratic tactics, how can he or she be implement the first tenet of progressivism?

It can’t be done.

If you’ve experienced threats and intimidation at the hands of Gahan and his thuggish inoperatives, let NA Confidential know — confidentially, of course. Your story needs to be heard by the voters.


As an addendum, NA Confidential has been unable to confirm whether New Albany Mayor Jeff M. Gahan or anyone working in the city’s administration is under federal investigation or indictment for corruption, bribery or racketeering. It is standard policy of the U.S. Justice Department to refuse to confirm or deny the existence or non-existence of investigations or subjects of investigations. A similar policy exists at the F.B.I.