Looking for a place to get your food business started? The kitchen space at Destinations Booksellers is open.


Taco Steve is no more – if you have the right idea, as a tenant or as a partner, make an appointment to make your pitch. We are committed to use our “hatchery” to launch another restaurant here. It works.

For the uninitiated, Taco Steve has been operating for a couple of years in a complete and furnished kitchen and cafe area in the rear of Destinations Booksellers.

With Taco Steve’s current move to the kitchen space at Bank Street Brewhouse, Randy and Ann are looking for “next.”

For prospective food service operators, it might be an incubator arrangement, or a permanent location. All options are on the table, and a potential market of several hundred residents at The Breakwater is situated right across Spring Street (which carries automotive traffic and boasts bicycle lanes).

Destinations Booksellers
604 E Spring St
New Albany, Indiana
Call (812) 944-5116