THE BEER BEAT: At long last, my NABC business divorce is about to be finalized.


Three years ago on this very day (February 26, 2015), I began letting go.

Media notice: Roger A. Baylor will take a leave of absence from NABC to run for mayor of New Albany.

Consequently, the first of many transitions on the path to come begins today. Effective immediately, I’m taking a leave of absence from the New Albanian Brewing Company (NABC), so as to devote my full attention to the campaign for mayor.

Five-odd months later, with a bit more time to think things over, the leave of absence became permanent.


After a quarter century, Roger Baylor will move on from New Albanian Brewing Company, by Kevin Gibson (Insider Louisville)

… Roger Baylor, well known for his long career in beer and brewing, is now running for mayor of New Albany. If he wins, that will be his new focus. If not, well, he’ll look for another path to follow. Either way, his position as the public face of New Albanian has come to an end. He already had announced he would step away if he won the election — instead, he’s moving on ahead of the decision. It was simply time, he says.

As is my habit, I started trying to explain myself.


A future mayor? An ex-brewery owner? 30 years later, there’s another fork in the road, and I’m pumped.

Thirty years ago, I closed my eyes wide shut and jumped — not so sure where or even if I’d land, but firm in the realization that I needed to do something to change my life.



Another twist in the Great NABC Non-Buyout Saga 2016.

Today was a landmark of sorts in the history of the New Albanian Brewing Company. It’s the last time I’ll mention it, at least for a while. I’ve always tried to be transparent in these matters, and see no reason to stop at this late date …

… Last summer, I announced my intent to sell my shares in both businesses to my two business partners, in the hope that negotiations with them in good faith prior to activating the provisions of our buy/sell agreement might keep a few dollars out of the hands of attorneys.

Unfortunately, these negotiations have not amounted to much, and in order to protect my interests, I have not yet initiated the timetable according to the mechanism specified in the buy/sell. This means that I remain 1/3 owner/shareholder in both businesses. In short, I continue to enjoy the all risks of ownership without any commensurate rewards.

And then another year and a half passed.

FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 2017

THE BEER BEAT: The timeless wisdom of Dean Kay and Kelly Gordon.

It’s colossally sad, and you wish it were possible for there to be a “do over,” but there isn’t, and in the end, that’s life.

There’s no sense in being bitter about things or people or feelings over which you have no control. When you know in your heart that you did your fair share, and your fair share mattered when it came to creating considerable value from absolutely nothing, then it really isn’t about money, pride or reputation. It just is, and they can’t take that away from you.

Now it’s 2018, and tomorrow morning — three years after I followed Dr. Freedman’s advice to pull down my pants and slide on the ice — my ass is FROZEN SOLID, and a bit chapped, but the exit transaction finally will be complete.

Just like that, 28 years (plus a couple of months, in all) of affiliation with NABC and its precursors officially will be put to rest. This is the same length of time that Bill Champlin was a member of Chicago (the band), but perhaps a better analogy is Peter Cetera, whose hit songs have been sung by a succession of replacement singers for more than three decades.

At least Cetera has enjoyed songwriting royalties. I’m settling for farthings and eternal notoriety, and if I’m lucky, everyone who ever said they’d buy me a beer now can join the queue at their earliest convenience.

As many readers already know, a new project has been gestating during this time of self-imposed exile. In some ways, I’m glad the process took so long. This allowed time to do much thinking, and to reconnect with Joe Phillips.


THE BEER BEAT: The twentieth Gravity Head begets a Pints & Union update.

Here’s an update about the emerging Pints & Union project.

I learned a hell of a lot those first 25 years at NABC, and perhaps even more during the past three away from it. The time has come to put all of it to use. In addition to partnering with Joe at the pub, I’ll continue to write, and to perform periodic free-lance beer advocacy.

It’s time.

Thanks to everyone, and especially Diana. She’s my rock, and her patience has been otherworldly.