Public art: Is it Funchal (Madeira) or New Albany (Indiana)?


Duh — of course it’s Madeira; there ain’t no palm trees in Nawbany, but apparently when David Duggins became enamored with the imagery of Anchors, he didn’t bother with a trademark.

Note this shop in Porto.

Back in Funchal, we found no shortage of public art in Zona Velha. It’s the city’s “old town,” with some buildings dating to the 1500s. These days Zona Velha is Funchal’s restaurant district.

As you look at these photos, just think about the possibilities when art bubbles up from the grassroots, rather than being dictated by higher-ups.

A reminder: Funchal is the capital city of Madeira, which is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean west of Morocco. Since 1976, Madeira has been an autonomous region of Portugal.