Not really a caption contest as Gahan and Duggins bond over light beers.


Social media has delivered a clear verdict: That Kid for Mayor 2019.

“In a high chair, texting, and throwing back.”

And this:

“At least the child has the proper glassware for his water.”

The hits keep coming.

“Tastes great!”

“Less filling!”

Or maybe it’s better this way:

Beer: no taste

Drinkers: no filling

Topically speaking …

“I just bought 5 new tasers. You can get ’em cheap online.”

But the best comment of all comes to us from Michael Wimmer, whose WE Studio preceded Hull & High Water at 324 E. Main Street.

I guess all I had to do was sell the studio to someone selling lite beer to have Gahan stop by.

Damn. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Thanks, BM, for a gift that will keep giving far into the 2019 campaign season.