Coffee break’s over, so let’s begin by commending Team Gahan for modernizing the city’s pumping plants.


“As often as I criticize the current administration, when the rains come like this I do remember that Mayor Gahan had the flood pumps rebuilt and/or replaced. That was a good thing because those pumps were old.”

Every day not every now and then.

From afar, we’ve been following the rising waters, and what Mark wrote yesterday at Facebook is true without qualification. An amphitheater enveloped by flood waters is exactly why we have a levee and flood wall, and making sure the city’s part of the deal is up-to-date and functional is the job of any mayor. Previous occupants didn’t see the need, so let’s give credit where it’s due.

There is much more to report; all in due time. It’s good to be home.

Photo credit: Joey Ward.