Focus on Portugal: Learn about the music called Fado.


In 2000 on my only previous trip to Portugal, I visited the Museu do Fado in Lisbon. I remember little, but a half-dozen CDs from the home selection go into the disc changer on occasion to offer a reminder of the music.

I like the overall ambiance of Fado, although specific tunes elude my untrained ears.

The video (above) is an excellent, short introduction to the genre. Perhaps the most truthful and succinct comment about the state of the musical art is provided by Raquel at Sara Riobom’s Portoalities blog, in her installment about Fado in Porto.

Best places for Fado in Porto

Even though almost no Portuguese listens to Fado regularly (we’re sorry to break the myths!), we totally understand that you want to watch a live Fado show once in Porto. Therefore, we made a list of the best places for Fado in Porto. We hope you enjoy it!