Sycophants on parade: The Gahan-enabled NAHA board of lickspittle stooges meets today.


According to We Are New Albany, there’ll be a New Albany Housing Authority board of commissioners meeting today at 4:00 p.m. in the conference room (300 Erni Avenue).

You’ll recall the January meeting as the occasion for “interim” director David Duggins to abdicate moral authority for just about any job beyond “do you want fries with that?” by issuing violent TASER-laden threats against an NAHA resident.

ON THE AVENUES: Did you hear the one about Duggins’ deep TASER regrets? I laughed until I cried — and so did the folks in Keokuk.

Duggins remains ensconced owing to Jeff “Dear Leader” Gahan’s own glaringly deficient people skills, as gleaned from a lifetime of veneer sales. Into the hands of these two, augmented by a board of groveling yes-lackeys handpicked by the mayor from his list of top campaign finance donors, the housing future of very many living, breathing human beings has been entrusted.

And remember, to a man, these pillars of balsa are Democrats who’ve gulped down the mythological Kool-Aid, and the cream of Unctuous Adam’s snarling crop.

Feeling good about yourselves, guys and gals?

If by chance you’re able to attend today’s meeting, my suggestion is to enable the video in your mobile device and train it on Duggins throughout. There can be little doubt that sooner rather than later, the devil inside will come leaping out again.

When it does, let’s make this one final, shall we?