Fetch your HAZMAT suits and listen to this propaganda podcast with Mayor Jeff Milhous Gahan — or not.


My friend M sent this link to me ten days ago, introducing the topic with just one word: “Gag.”

Gag (verb)

choke or retch: “he gagged on the sourness of the wine”
synonyms: retch, heave, dry-heave … “the stench made her gag”

I’m sad (and a tad alarmed) to announce that although I’ve spent the past ten days trying mightily, no longer is it possible for me to get drunk enough to venture a listen. Either we turn for courage to harder drugs, or someone with banal poseur immunity must sacrifice his or her sanity to have a listen, and report back.

Aim Hometown Innovations Podcast: Episode 9

On this episode of Hometown Innovations podcast, New Albany Mayor Jeff Gahan discusses modernization efforts, along with steps taken to preserve the river city’s unique heritage. Those projects include revamping the parks system and renovating Main Street to enhance the road that’s home to the Culbertson Mansion. The city also has boosted its quality-of-life with drone technology, including hosting a popular drone racing event along the river!