THE BEER BEAT: “Busting Up the Brotherhood of Beer: Time to confront sexism & harassment in the industry.”


Sexism in “craft” beer is a topic that keeps bobbing to the surface, as when beer writer Bryan Roth described the problem as a grassroots industry struggling to find leadership on social issues: THE BEER BEAT: How “Ambitious Brew” prefaced “I Know What Boyz Like” — and “The Misogynist Within.”

Beer writer Lew Bryson also read Michael Agnew’s pointed article (below).

I know a lot of great people in the beer biz (whiskey, too). A lot of them are women, which means they sometimes have to put up with a bunch of bullshit from guys. Read the article, and see if you don’t recognize some of that crap. I’m tired of my friends having to deal with it. If you hear some guy say something that’s over the line, don’t just look away. Tell him he’s over the line. Make beer a better place. Wheaton’s Law: Don’t be a dick.

Here comes the learnin’.

I’d suggest diverting your gaze from Untappd, if only for a few seconds, and partaking in something real.

Busting Up the Brotherhood of Beer: Time to confront sexism & harassment in the industry, by Michael Agnew (The Growler Magazine)

… Ask women working in beer and it becomes obvious that the beer industry faces the very same problems of sexism, harassment, and even assault, that the rest of the country is facing. While the ranks of women are growing, the industry is still dominated by men. The majority of breweries are founded by men. The people who make the beer are overwhelmingly male. It is mostly men who distribute and sell it. If bathroom lines at festivals are any indication, it is mostly men who drink it.

I listened to the experiences of four female industry members, all who expressed their love for the industry and the people in it, but whose stories reveal that discrimination and harassment are a reality in craft beer …