More fluff about crime statistics and non-transparency. Let’s ask Mayor Hall what he thinks.


“Not all Indiana cities are included in the rankings because some do not report annual data to the FBI.”

One way to look at the newspaper’s article today is that it reinforces the Clark County-centric approach of the newspaper. But the reporter can’t be expected to contextualize New Albany’s place in the rankings if we’re not reporting the data to the FBI, and we’re not included in the rankings.

And why aren’t we reporting the data to the FBI?

Perhaps a city council member can ask Mayor Jeff Gahan, when next he attends a city council meeting, perhaps on the 12th of Never.

Of course, this National Council for Home Safety and Security might also be cherry-picking data to sell more gadgets.

Two Clark County cities listed among safest, report shows, by Aprile Rickert (Clark County First)

Clarksville, Jeffersonville both below state average for violent crimes

CLARK COUNTY — Two cities in Clark County are among the safest communities in the state, according to a new study released earlier this week.

Clarksville and Jeffersonville are two of the 58 cities listed in the National Council for Home Safety and Security’s Safest Cities in Indiana 2018. The report ranked cities based on violent and property crimes, using data given by police departments to the FBI. Not all Indiana cities are included in the rankings because some do not report annual data to the FBI. Also, cities with populations under 10,000 were not included.

Jeffersonville placed 20th on the list, reporting 65 violent crimes, or an average of 1.37 crimes per 1,000 inhabitants. Property crimes totaled 1,307 or 28.95 per 1,000. Both numbers are below the state average per 1,000 residents: 6.66 for violent crimes in the state and 37.68 for property crimes.

In Clarksville, which placed 55th on the list, there were 118 violent crimes, or 5.39 per 1,000 residents, and 1,190 property crimes or 54.37 per 1,000. Violent crimes are below the state average, but property crimes are slightly higher.