LIVE TO EAT: “Changes are afoot regarding tips and the way they are collected in U.S. restaurants.”


Or, we might revamp the whole remuneration system from top to bottom, about which Ryan Rogers is passionate.

LIVE TO EAT: Rogers, McCabe, their new Bar Vetti and Danny Meyer’s “no tipping” movement.

“With the new Italian restaurant Bar Vetti — opening Monday, Oct. 16 — McCabe and Rogers are testing a different way to compensate employees that they believe will allow workers to make good money and eliminate wage discrepancies between employees who work behind the scenes and those who work out front.”

I’m curious if any other local owners (and employees) might like to offer a viewpoint. Let me know, if so. Meanwhile, this is a good overview of the arguments on both “sides.”

The Pros and Cons of Tip Pooling (Tiger Chef)

Serving customers in a restaurant is a tough job. It can be considered one of only a handful of jobs where people’s pay depends on how personable and pleasant they are. Although tips are a significant part of what a waiter takes home at the end of the day, (which makes the job more attractive to those with outgoing personalities and a culture of good service) changes are afoot regarding tips and the way they are collected in U.S. restaurants.

And NPR’s recent take.

White House Plan Giving Restaurant Owners More Control Over Tips Under Fire, by Scott Horsley (NPR)

It’s last call for public comment on a Trump administration proposal that would give bar and restaurant owners more control over workers’ tips.

The Labor Department has been asking for feedback, and already hundreds of thousands of people have weighed in.

Many say they say they’re opposed to a rule that would allow restaurant owners to pocket tips for themselves.

“I think it’s another example of corporate greed gone wrong,” says Julie Holmes, a former waitress from Virginia. “It basically makes people feel as though they can’t earn a living. Women especially. Single mothers and people who are really out here working as hard as they can to try to provide are affected by this” …