“No demolition without a plan to replace” … We Are New Albany meeting tonight at 6 at Destinations.



Last night at city council, the News and Tribune looked the other way as McLaughlin condoned Duggins’ TASER hilarity.

Week in review: Jeff Gahan created the Duggins debacle at NAHA, so stop normalizing his efforts to remain aloof.

The next meeting of We Are New Albany is on Wednesday, February 7 from 6 – 8 p.m. at Destinations Booksellers, 604 E. Spring Street.

In Spring 2017, New Albany, Indiana Mayor Jeff Gahan announced his intention to demolish more than half of the town’s public housing stock. Apart from vague promises of housing vouchers, residents have been told almost nothing about the plan or what will become of them. Sign the petition: No demolition without a plan to replace!

It’s hard to believe that Gahan’s hostile takeover was launched a year ago.

ON THE AVENUES: A luxury-obsessed Jeff Gahan has packed a board and now seeks to break the New Albany Housing Authority. Can we impeach him yet?

But marvel at the pomposity of the raw cheek: Gahan writes his own Comprehensive Plan, and before it is so much as finalized, he’s already referring to it as though the document were Biblical, bearing force of law. Evidently this is a side effect of personality cults.

I’ll return to this Comprehensive Disneyfication Plan, and explain how the rush to approve it pertains to an accompanying push to eradicate the city’s affordable housing safety net. Since it’s hard to find a good starting point, let’s just dive into it.

Major thanks to so many readers for writing your council representatives to protest the “interim” NAHA director David Duggins’ recent TASER verbal misbehavior, and for your continued support of this grassroots effort to restore sanity to public (and affordable) housing in New Albany.