The secrecy, maybe? “Something doesn’t feel right about David Jones’ group of Louisville powerbrokers.”


Tell me if you’ve heard this one before.

Encroaching nausea as Insider Louisville tracks down Louisville’s secretive power brokers, an “elite group of influencers.”

Oh, look. How charming. The usual suspects, same old pillars and engorged oligarchs together again, in secret, to huff and puff and — dear, could you fetch my pitchfork? Just in case One Southern Indiana’s already played the copycat.

Gerth nails it.

Something doesn’t feel right about David Jones’ group of Louisville powerbrokers, by Joe Gerth (Louisville Courier Journal)

The group that David A. Jones Sr. brought together is impressive.

There are nearly 70 community leaders — from entrepreneurs to ecclesiastics (and a rabbi thrown in for good measure) — who have joined to address the problems that have held Louisville back for decades.

Good idea. Talented cast.

But something doesn’t feel right about this.

It’s instructive that Insider Louisville broke this story, and the Courier Journal gives credit where due. Let’s hope the News and Tribune is reading.

The group operated in complete secrecy until Insider Louisville wrote about it earlier this week and said that Jones wouldn’t turn over a list of members. He relented and gave Courier Journal a list of names the following day.