Stacie Bale, late of NABC, reveals new project: Roadrunner Kitchen, coming soon to 145 E. Main Street in downtown New Albany.


Stacie Henehan Bale, late of NABC Cafe & Brewhouse and Earth Friends Cafe, has departed NABC and will launch a new venture called Roadrunner Kitchen. It will fill the space at 145 E. Main most recently occupied by Urban Bread Company.

She explains all at Roadrunner Kitchen’s Facebook page.

Hello all! I am opening a new concept with my partner, Sarah Hastings. It will be similar to Earth Friends Cafe in that we will focus on sourcing sustainable, local products including local meats and produce. Earth Friends was founded on utilizing local resources – most especially from local farmers – and although many believed it to be primarily plant-based, it was always focused on sourcing from local farmers, including meat and eggs.

Our new concept will focus on the same philosophy as my former business, with the addition of VERY QUICK SERVICE. Consumers will have the option of waiting under 15 minutes for hot items, or choosing the option of grabbing a freshly prepared wrap or salad from our grab and go cases, paying by kiosk, and being out the door in less than five minutes – if necessary.

Also available will be housemade soups, espresso, smoothies and freshly prepared juices.

This concept will be for all types of consumers, but the focus will be on FAST and DIVERSE!

We will be located at 145 E. Main Street in downtown New Albany. We will be a quick breakfast and lunch service.

Hope to see you soon! Our target opening date is sometime in late February or March.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Stacie Henehan Bale

A pertinent question was raised in the comments section beneath Bale’s post at Facebook.

In short: With Bale departed, what’s to become of the food service at NABC’s Cafe & Brewhouse?